G4 Bipin

Introducing the BlueHopper G4 Bipin Bulb – a revolutionary outdoor lighting solution that brings color and versatility to your outdoor spaces. This bulb features a sleek and compact structure with a G4 base, designed for easy installation and replacement in various outdoor lighting fixtures. What sets the BlueHopper G4 Bipin Bulb apart is its cutting-edge technology. Based on the patented HyperLux technology, this bulb is digitally addressable, providing advanced control and customization options for outdoor lighting. 


With the help of our controllers, you can unleash your creativity and set up millions of colors, choose from a wide range of light shows and scenes, and create a captivating outdoor lighting experience. Additionally, the G4 Bipin Bulb offers a year-round scheduling feature, allowing you to automate its operation and enjoy stunning outdoor illumination at any time. Embrace the benefits of this revolutionary bulb that combines style, versatility, and the power of innovative technology to transform your outdoor spaces into captivating displays of light.