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Frequenty Asked Questions

The base and lid are designed to withstand the sun, rain and snow for up to 20 years. The entire solution is weatherproof and the LEDs  we use have 50K hours of life.

The BlueHopper Lighting track is designed to look like trim molding during the day. The track lid comes in four basic colors: white, tan, gray, and chocolate brown. The track is a light gray color. There is also a black base and black lid available.

Yes. BlueHopper Lighting controllers use a patented long range Bluetooth mesh network to seamlessly connect multiple controllers with 0 configuration by the user.

BlueHopper Lighting is IP65 or IP67 rated depending on the product (independent of the lid), FCC and IC Certified, and UV Stabilized. The power supply solutions meet all safety standards and certified for UL/ETL, CE, IP65, etc.

BlueHopper Lighting track comes with a 10-year product manufacturer limited warranty and All lighting products come with a 2 to 5-year product manufacturer limited warranty, depending upon the type of the product. Reach out to our sales team to get more details.

BlueHopper Lighting has multiple color changing effects that are both moving and static. With customizable RGB color selections, you can create new colors using the sliders, the color wheel, or the preselected standard colors. You can also create a static repeating color pattern

with up to 4 colors, for example red/white/blue repeating or red/white/blue/white repeating. There is also the option to create color bands. You can do 3 white/3 red bulbs repeating. It is designed with hundreds of effects/shows, presets/scenes.

Yes, BlueHopper Lighting has an optional BLE-WiFi-Ethernet and optional Cellular Gateway that connects the lighting controllers to the internet. From there the same BlueRoots app is used just as if it was local. All the lights and controllers in your app form a mesh network so just one Gateway is required.

Yes, color changing events are custom scheduled on the Blueroots App from any iOS or Android compatible smartphone or tablet. The timer is built into the system so no need to add your own. There is also a battery backup in the controller to preserve the schedule in the event of a power outage. Users can create year long schedules and forget it.

BlueHopper Lighting materials can only be purchased and installed by a Certified BlueHopper and Inception Lighting Contractor. For more information on becoming a certified installer or to find one in your area please email

Our LEDs are rated for 50K hours. Like your car, with proper usage, and care, they can last 10+ years. 

Our LEDs are rated for 50K hours. Like your car, with proper usage and care, they can last 10+ years. 

Simply replace the old light with a new one whenever a light fails.

Yes, you can save multiple nightly & weekly timers as well as calendar events for holidays and other special occasions.

Yes you can! The lights are individually addressable which allows you to choose which lights you want on and what color.

Yes. They are low voltage so the homeowner can replace them themselves. We can also come out and replace them for you.

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