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Introducing BlueHopper

Join hands With BlueHopper Lighting – an award-winning and unsurpassed leader in almost all lighting parameters. Our successful dealer partners are earning big profits. Our state-of-the-art lighting and automation technology is instrumental in building big businesses for dealers.

Illuminate with BlueHopper

BlueHopper’s lighting transforms residential and commercial spaces with vibrant colors and customizable scenes, setting the industry standard.

Why Partner with BlueHopper

Earning Potential

Maximize your financial gains across diverse projects.

Top-Notch Support

Maximize your financial gains across diverse projects.

Industry Growth

Maximize your financial gains across diverse projects.

Competitive Advantage

Maximize your financial gains across diverse projects.

Expansive Network

Maximize your financial gains across diverse projects.


Choose from 50+ versatile lighting options.

Advanced Features

Enjoy 100+ scenes, real-time scheduling, and more.


Depends on our scalable BLE Mesh technology.

Profit Potential

Build a multi-million dollar business with minimal investment.

Become a Bluehopper Certified Installer and Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Advanced Training & Support:

Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology.

Exclusive Products Access

Be first in line for our latest products.

Marketing Support

Boost your visibility with targeted campaigns.

Enhanced Credibility

Elevate your professional reputation.

Installer Tools

Streamline commissioning and control processes.

Best-in-Class Warranty

Offer peace of mind to your clients.

Experience BlueHopper Excellence

One-Time Installation

ROI in 3 Years

Year-Round Scheduling

Presets, Effects, Scenes

AI Integrations

RGBW & White Control

30+ RGB & RGBW Products


Connect 5k+ devices

Step into the future of outdoor lighting with BlueHopper. Elevate your installations, boost your earnings, and join a thriving community of industry leaders.

Easy Financing Option With Enhancify

BlueHopper’s partnership with Enhancify enables customers to transform large purchases into small monthly payments.

  • Access to 30+ lending partners
  • Funding up to $200,000
  • Instant soft-pull pre-approval
  • Swift 60-second application
  • Loan tenure up to 12 years
  • Exclusive 0% APR credit card offers for up to 21 months*


(*Loan amounts, terms, rates, and 0% eligibility vary based on individual applicant’s credit profile. Approval subject to Enhancify’s discretion. BlueHopper and MeshTek are not liable for loan decisions.)

Winner of Best Permanent Outdoor Lighting
LFI Innovation Awards 2023

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