Illumination at your fingertips

With BlueRoots, you have the superpower of controlling lights!

Available on both iOS & Android, BlueRoots is an incredibly user friendly app

with all the powerful features, even for those who are not tech savvy!

BlueRoots App
BlueRoots App


Schedule the lights all year long that brighten up your home the way you like and leave the rest on BlueRoots.


Choose and customize light effects, presets, and scenes to set that perfect mood with a simple touch.


You and all your family members can hop on to the BlueRoots app and personalize the lights.


Set or schedule from 16M colors, save your favorites, and create your scenes for any time any occasion.


Set or schedule the white you prefer, from candle light warm white of 1800K to cool energetic white of 6800K.

features UPDATES

Get regular new features, and enhancements. Striving for better user experience is in our DNA.

Ease of use amplified

When we say “easy to use, ” we mean it! With a functional and intuitive UI designed for convenience, simplicity, and reliability, BlueRoots understands your emotions and can illuminates your celebrations like never before!

Some Of The Most Advanced Features Of BlueRoots App

Do you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal, or do you want to ensure safety and security within your property?

For this, you might want only some of the LEDs to light up. You can do it by selecting only certain LEDs to stay on during the night with our smart strip feature.

  • Increase visibility
  • Save power
  • Ensure security
  • Save navigation around the property

Bring Multiple Groups Together for Custom Control!

Why go to each group to schedule lighting and apply lighting effects when you can bring these groups together in a virtual group?

Virtual groups are a life-saver when it comes to applying the same settings to multiple groups, which otherwise can be a big hassle for installation in large areas.

  • What You Get?
  • Easy Coordination
  • Unified Settings
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Enhanced Scalability

Blueroots WEB APP

BlueRoots is also available in form of an awesome Web App, that is most ideal for commercial or municipality projects. Through the Web App, one can control lights of not just boulevards or parks, but the entire complex or the entire city! Pretty amazing, right? If you are the owner of a company, a city manager,  or one with a great penchant for architectural lighting and automation, you can be sure that the Web App will allow you to bring new life into the architectural design with our solutions.

Hop on to the app and see thE magic of ligHts unfold.

Are You A Dealer?

With our continued dedication to helping dealers build a successful holiday lighting and decorative lighting business, we have made it super-easy for our partner dealers to use the app and set up the installation with the BR Installer App. In addition to all the features given above.

In addition to the BlueRoots app, we have somegreat features to offer to our partners. Fill up the form from the below link and we will get in touch with you.

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