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About BlueHopper’s Permanent Roofline Lighting

BlueHopper’s versatile roofline lighting seamlessly integrates with any property, illuminating architecture and landscapes while allowing for complete customization. Both subtle and dramatic effects highlight homes, draw customers to businesses, and brighten public areas. With one-time installation, energy efficiency, and year-round scheduling, BlueHopper roofline lighting enhances outdoor spaces year-round.

Innumerable Reasons To Celebrate - One Lighting Solution
Our versatile, plug-and-play LED lighting enhances holidays, events, and social causes year-round.

Unique Permanent Roofline
Lighting Solution For All Your Needs

Residential Properties

Highlight your home’s unique architecture and design details with customizable roofline lighting to create curb appeal and visual interest.

Commercial Properties

Strategically placed roofline lights can draw attention to your business by illuminating signage, entrances, or decorative building features.

Municipal Buildings/Areas

Roofline lights can efficiently spotlight government buildings, monuments, and pedestrian areas to increase visibility and emphasize unique architecture.

Our Permanent Roofline Lighting Range

Festive overhead lighting for gatherings and events

Patio/String Lights

Patio/String Lights

Festive overhead lighting for gatherings and events.
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Vibrant and warm LEDs to line rooflines

C9 Bulbs

C9 Bulbs

Vibrant and warm LEDs to line rooflines.
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4-wire Nuggets

4-wire Nuggets

Adaptable nodes to add accent lighting anywhere.
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Why All BlueHopper Products Stand Out?


One-Time Installation

ROI in 3 Years

Year-Round Scheduling

Presets, Effects, Scenes

AI Integrations

RGBW & White Control

30+ RGB & RGBW Products


Connect 5k+ devices

Make your property shine every night with BlueHopper's easy-to-use and innovative permanent outdoor lighting. Customize displays and effects for holidays, events, and more. Just tap on the button below.

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BlueHopper’s partnership with Enhancify enables customers to transform large purchases into small monthly payments.

  • Access to 30+ lending partners
  • Funding up to $200,000
  • Instant soft-pull pre-approval
  • Swift 60-second application
  • Loan tenure up to 12 years
  • Exclusive 0% APR credit card offers for up to 21 months*


(*Loan amounts, terms, rates, and 0% eligibility vary based on individual applicant’s credit profile. Approval subject to Enhancify’s discretion. BlueHopper and MeshTek are not liable for loan decisions.)

Winner of Best Permanent Outdoor Lighting
LFI Innovation Awards 2023

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