Astro Timers

BlueHopper in association with MeshTek Labs introduces the Astro Timer for Outdoor Lights – that enables users to schedule fixed or astronomical operations using the iOS or Android apps over a simple Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol. With an embedded Real Time Clock, this device provides accurate time-stamping and scheduling capabilities. Additionally, its user-friendly app allows for easy and intuitive operation. This timer is built to simplify the process of controlling your outdoor lights based on the natural lighting conditions. The Astro Timer utilizes advanced astronomical algorithms to synchronize the lighting schedule with sunrise and sunset times. Its sleek and durable structure ensures reliable performance in outdoor environments. With its user-friendly interface, the Astro Timer allows you to effortlessly program your outdoor lights to turn on and off automatically, providing convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced security for your outdoor spaces. 

It eliminates the need for manual operation and allows you to seamlessly integrate your outdoor lights with the natural daylight cycle. By automatically turning on your lights at dusk and turning them off at dawn, it ensures your outdoor areas are illuminated when needed and conserves energy during daylight hours.

With the help of our controllers, you can unleash your creativity and set up millions of colors, choose from a wide range of light shows and scenes, and create a captivating outdoor lighting experience. Additionally, the G4 Bipin Bulb offers a year-round scheduling feature, allowing you to automate its operation and enjoy stunning outdoor illumination at any time. Embrace the benefits of this revolutionary bulb that combines style, versatility, and the power of innovative technology to transform your outdoor spaces into captivating displays of light.

General Specifications:

Input Voltage

110VAC, +/-10%, 50/60Hz

Driving Current Rating

0-15A ( Resistive Load)


1875W ( Resistive Load)

No. of Outlets

Up to 4


MeshTek H52 module based controller

Control Method

Bluetooth Mesh Via Smartphone or Meshtek Gateway

Open-Air Control Range

Up to 200m

Operating Temperature

-20degC to 50degC


Weekly, Annually, calendar wise

Schedule Programming

Based On Latitude/Longitude

IP Rating





120x102x55 mm

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