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We’ve proudly offered quality lighting solutions in the US and Canada since 2015. Our lighting systems are premiere manufactured and withstand almost all weather conditions. We provide guaranteed services preferred by our extensive list of long-term customers. We offer lighting services for:

We make your residential or commercial space stellar. Our professionals listen to your ideas with great care and bring your holiday creative design to fruition. You’ll love the look of your property with our permanent outdoor lighting. We get you in the dreamy mood for the holidays and save you more money than the competition. With our top-notch services, you’ll never have to worry about holiday lighting again.

Permanently install our high-end lights for your ideal Christmas atmosphere. If you want your home or business to have professional decorations, give Inception Lighting a call. There’s nothing like a traditional setting you don’t have to rush to install year after year by incorporating permanent lighting into your decor. We created a solution to a hundred year old problem with our lasting outdoor holiday Christmas lights. We’re inventors and pioneers of the permanent lighting system.

Our knowledge and expertise in the residential and commercial lighting network sets us apart from our competitors. Receive a quote for your holiday lighting installation by sending us a business email at Hours of Operation 24/7 Location All of US and Canada Contact Information