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Why BlueHopper?

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BlueHopper’s roofline and landscape lighting offers a permanent residential lighting solution for homes. Our roofline lighting beautifully mimics traditional C9 lights at night, discreetly hidden during the day under decorative trim molding. Our landscape lighting encompasses a comprehensive range of products and solutions. With app-controlled functionality, customizable schedules, and an extensive selection of colors and dynamic motion patterns, our energy-efficient LED lighting system enhances any occasion or social cause. Easy plug-and-play installation is complemented by advanced features and functionality.

Our Product Portfolio

One of the Most Advanced Apps for Lighting Automation

Discover BlueRoots, our proprietary app developed in-house. Available for iOS and Android devices, this user-friendly app empowers you to program and schedule all aspects of the BlueHopper product family. Utilizing MeshTek’s advanced long-range Bluetooth Mesh technology, our app enables seamless local control. Additionally, our optional gateway provides integrations with Alexa, Google, security systems, weather, sports feeds, and remote access, granting you flexible control from a distance—ideal for large or multi-property installations.

Permanent Roofline Lighting - BlueHopper


FCC and IC Certified

IP65, IP67, IP65 rated

Certified for UL/ETL, CE